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Which is the better stock between Hyatt Hotels and Marriott International?


Motiur Rahman

Jun 23, 2022

The hotel industry is recording growing demand for the summer holidays.

Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels would benefit from the ongoing recoveries.

Marriott International is likely to post stronger growth hence it is a better investment candidate.

As the hotel industry recovers, investors will be looking for investment candidates. Hyatt Hotels (NYSE:H) and Marriott International (NASDAQ:MAR) are two potential candidates. This analysis considers which of the two is a better stock.

Hyatt Hotels is trading at $70. The stock is A-rated for momentum and growth. Analysis shows that the stock could establish support at $70. The potential upside is up to $90, considering the bear market. However, the performance would depend mainly on the returns coming up in the first week of August.

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Marriott International is trading at $133 with potential support at $130. The potential upside is up to $170. The company pays a dividend at a yield rate of 0.88%. Besides, Marriott is projected to post stronger growth in revenues and earnings than Hyatt.

Marriott is rated a strong buy by Zacks Research. The same research house rates Hyatt Hotels as a hold. We note there are fundamental differences between the two companies. The differences make Marriott International a better investment candidate than Hyatt Hotels.

Marriott has higher returns than Hyatt Hotels

Source – TradingView

For the same period beginning 2019, Marriott International returned 13.82% in gains. On the other hand, Hyatt Hotels returned only 1.52%. The rates of return show that there are fundamental differences between the two stocks. The differences account for the huge differences in the returns. In the event of a market rally, Marriott would still post better returns.


Our analysis shows that Marriott International performed significantly better than its competitor. As demand grows in the summer holiday, Marriott is a better investment than Hyatt Hotels. The dividend yield, projected growth rate, and market gains make Marriott a better stock.

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