Home Politics GOP candidate announces Utah senate campaign in rap

GOP candidate announces Utah senate campaign in rap


(NewsNation) — A rapping campaign video by a Taylorsville Republican and self-described “awesome” candidate for the Utah Senate, has gone viral. 

Linda Paulson said a surprise 80th birthday gift from her daughter, Brenda, is what inspired her to rap.

Her daughter supposed her with a rap and she asked if she could use it for the campaign, and of course, her daughter said yes.

Paulson’s rapping campaign video, “Linda Paulson for Utah Senate Rap (District 12),” has received more than 100,000 views on YouTube and even made it into “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s” monologue.

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In the 90-second clip, Paulson sort of half dances while she raps:

“Hey, Utah District 12 listen up right here/ There’s a new name on the ballot for the Senate this year/ My name is Linda Paulson, Republican and awesome/I love God and family and the Constitution/ I tried to get another conservative to run/ Nobody could do it so I’m getting it done.”

The grandmother of 35 and great-grandmother of 14 says she’s never done a rap before but she’s thrilled for the journey.

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