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Google to launch AI search tool


(NewsNation) — ChatGPT will be facing competition as other companies, including Google, are pushing to launch their own AI products.

Google’s BARD is a conversational AI search, and the company claims it will help answer questions for users.

The tool is initially being rolled out to a small group of what the company refers to as “trusted testers” but is expected to be launched publicly in coming weeks.

Google said it would consider external feedback on the tool, as well as using internal testing to make sure the AI isn’t causing harm, but indicated that some mistakes would happen with technology so new.

Proponents of AI have pointed out ways it can help people with language-related tasks they face, but opponents have pointed out the potential for spreading misinformation and ways AI can be used to plagiarize or cheat.

Opponents have also called out the bias baked into AI tools, because they are trained using data which may contain biased information.

Still, large companies are continuing to invest in AI tools. In addition to Google, Microsoft is also pouring billions into AI technology.

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