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Durham to speak about Trump probe report at public hearing


(NewsNation) — Justice Department special counsel John Durham will speak with the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors on June 20, before testifying at a public hearing with the House Judiciary Committee the next day, NewsNation has learned.

In his testimony, sources told NewsNation, Durham will go over his findings and report on the FBI’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. On July 31, 2016, the agency opened the probe into what it said was possible criminal collusion.

Durham’s 306-page report found a number of missteps the agency made, though, the Associated Press reported, including: bungled applications to eavesdrop on a former aide of the then-presidential candidate and flawed research by a former British spy tasked with a sensitive assignment.

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In his report, Durham asserted the FBI rushed into its investigation without an adequate basis, and routinely ignored or rationalized evidence that undercut its premise.

However, as the AP points out, though the report details a series of errors, these were already documented years ago in a different report by a Justice Department inspector general. The FBI has also previously said it’s taken several dozen corrective steps on its own.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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