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OpenAI’s Sam Altman hired by Microsoft


(NewsNation) — On Friday, Sam Altman was suddenly ousted from his role at OpenAI, which is most known for creating ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence program.

Although there was an immediate effort to bring Altman back, another development shocked tech watchers.

By Sunday, technology giant Microsoft had announced OpenAI’s loss was its gain. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took to X to announce Altman — as well as Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s former board chair and president — would be joining his company to helm an AI research team.

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The development means Microsoft will be expanding the ranks of its AI talent at a time when the field is exploding.

Meanwhile, OpenAI announced it will be tapping former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as its interim CEO.

The firm had been in talks to do a sale of employee shares that was valued at $86 billion.

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