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Costco launches members-only weight loss program


(NewsNation) — Costco members now have the option to sign up for an affordable weight loss program, according to multiple reports.

Members can access the service, which became available Tuesday and costs $179 every three months, through Costco health care partner Sesame, according to USA Today.

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“We are witnessing important innovations in medically supervised weight loss,” David Goldhill, Sesame‘s co-founder and CEO, told USA Today. “Sesame’s unique model allows us not only to make high-quality specialty care like weight loss much more accessible and affordable but also to empower clinicians to create care plans that are specific to − and appropriate for − each individual patient.”

The program allows members to access weight loss prescriptions such as Ozempic and Wegovy at an affordable cost. Sesame told CNN it can prescribe these injectable antidiabetic medications as well as other oral medications.

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According to CNN, Costco first partnered with Sesame last fall when it offered members virtual checkups starting at $29. However, Michael Botta, a Sesame co-founder and president, told CNN that the two companies discovered that one in five customers inquired about weight loss.

When joining the program, members receive a video consultation with a weight loss specialist, a weight loss prescription if needed and additional guidance on exercise and nutrition, Quartz reported.

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