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Dr. Pepper announces ‘Creamy Coconut’ soda


(WJW) – Dr. Pepper is adding a taste of summer to its classic drink.

The company announced Wednesday that a new flavor would be out in a few weeks.

“Transcend your taste buds to a summertime paradise 🤩 Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut is coming this summer for a limited-time☀️🥥,” the company wrote on social media.

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The new soda is set for release May 1.

It is only expected to be in stores through July.

According to USA Today, the flavor will be sold in regular and zero sugar in 12-packs and 20 oz. bottles.

Here’s how the company describes the new beverage:

“Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut brings together the perfect combination of the original 23 Dr Pepper flavors with layers of tropical coconut flavor and a delicious, creamy finish.”

The company says the new drink will be the only coconut-cream flavored dark soda on the market.

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