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Builders Movement: Muhammad Ali’s wife fighting polarization


(NewsNation) — Muhammad Ali’s wife, Lonnie Ali, is working with her nonprofit global initiative The Builders Movement to fight polarization by encouraging collaboration.

“The majority of us are tired of the polarization,” Ali told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo on Monday. “Every day we have to get up with the intention of uniting and building bridges with others that don’t think like we do.”

Ali and Daniel Lubetzky, Builders Movement founding partner and founder of Kind Snacks, are working with more than 200 partners to equip members with the skills and tools to “overcome extremist thinking and toxic polarization globally.”

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The goal of the coalition is to encourage collaboration and alliances, rather than hatred, dehumanization and violence when trying to solve problems constructively.

Builders rolled out with the release of Lubetzky’s recent TED talk on how the world needs more builders — and less “us vs. them.”

He outlined the initiative to have four major components including Builders Media, Builders Toolkit, Builders Network and Citizen Solutions project.

“We have a whole set of builders tool kits that rely on curiosity, creativity, compassion and courage that try to arm citizens to become problem-solvers in their own communities,” Lubetzky said on “CUOMO.“

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