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Conservative political group offers gas at ‘pre-Biden’ prices


(NewsNation) — An influential conservative political advocacy group is teaming up with gas stations across the country to roll back prices to what they were before Joe Biden took office, though some experts say their criticism of the current president is misleading.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) kicked off the weeklong event in Pittsburgh on Monday, temporarily offering gas for $2.38 per gallon — the national average when Biden took over. That’s roughly $1.20 less than today’s average of $3.60 a gallon.

Over the next week, 25 gas stations will offer the “pre-Bidenomics” price on a first-come, first-served basis for between 150 and 200 cars. Several of those stations are in key battleground states like Florida, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

The rollback events are intended to show people what prices could be with policies that “unleash America’s energy abundance,” AFP said in a news release.

Biden, Putin or Big Oil: who is to blame for high gas prices?

“Biden’s war on American energy has had disastrous results and Americans are reeling from high gas prices going into the summer,” Akash Chougule, AFP vice president of government affairs, said.

While it’s true prices at the pump are 50% higher now than when Biden assumed office, the president’s energy policies aren’t the main reason why, said Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis.

“Global economics are what dictate global [oil] prices, and a president has a very limited role, regardless of political party, into that equation,” De Haan said.

Why are electricity prices surging?

In June 2022, the national average surged to more than $5 a gallon, but that was driven by several factors, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and skyrocketing consumer demand after the pandemic.

It’s also typical for gas prices to rise this time of year due to the costlier summer blend fuel, seasonal maintenance at refineries and more drivers on the road, De Haan said.

This year, AAA estimates nearly 44 million people will travel at least 50 miles for Memorial Day weekend, the second highest level on record. Of those, more than 38 million are expected to go by car, up 4% compared to last year.

The unofficial start of summer comes as Americans continue to feel the impact of inflation, which is still rising faster than the Federal Reserve’s 2% target rate.

Former President Donald Trump has blasted Biden’s energy policies, which have focused on green projects and electric vehicles, and says he plans to “drill, baby, drill.”

But even if Trump were to become president again, his changes wouldn’t show up at the gas pump for some time, De Haan noted, emphasizing that it can take many years, if not decades, for presidential policy to have a significant impact.

Likewise, if gas prices slip below $3 per gallon by the end of the year, which De Haan says they might, Biden doesn’t deserve credit for the same reason he shouldn’t shoulder most of the blame.

During his time in office, Biden has imposed restrictions on oil and gas companies as part of his climate agenda. At the same time, the U.S. has become the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, and in 2023, domestic crude oil production hit a record high.

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