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Congressional baseball game draws protesters — and a whole lot of GOP runs


Members of Congress try to create some fireworks with their play on the field every year at the annual Congressional Baseball Game. But this year’s edition saw some dramatic moments beyond the game itself.

Eight climate protesters at Wednesday night’s game stormed the field, prompting some momentary havoc. Jumping over the stands, the protesters donned shirts calling for an end to fossil fuels while galloping into the outfield. But few made it far — and none made it even close to the infield. All eight were swiftly tackled and arrested by police officers who’d been manning the perimeter.

The group Climate Defiance claimed credit for the disruption, boasting on social media that gameplay had paused.

“Congress sends billions of public $$ to subsidize deadly fossil fuels — but the police are tackling us instead,” the post read. “This Chevron-sponsored game cannot continue. This is unconscionable.”

Some climate protesters were also spotted outside a handful of entrances to the field, waving posters and chanting.

But aside from the momentary disruption, the game itself quickly descended the expected Republican rout.

The GOP team trounced their Democratic colleagues 31-11. Hardly a score you’d see in any professional baseball game, it was a striking run total for the GOP team, far surpassing scores from years past. For instance: Republicans won last year 16-6. Democrats have not won a game since 2019.

Still, the game lived up to its brand. Members of Congress donned their best baseball pants and surely not-so-broken-in gloves. Wednesday night, Republicans wore matching ruby-red jerseys while Democrats sported a mix of attire, including jerseys for other MLB teams. Staffers flocked to the stands and sat in split sections for Republicans and Democrats.

Surely, there’s going to be some gloating around the Hill on Thursday.

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