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Young workers lonely, disengaged and looking for an exit: Report


(NewsNation) — As overall employee well-being declined, 1 of 4 young workers reported experiencing “daily loneliness” in 2023, a new Gallup State of the Workplace report found.

The examination of workplace environment and employee emotions revealed startling trends among the world’s workers. Approximately 20% of employees worldwide experience “daily loneliness” for a majority of the day, which could have “devastating effects” on physical and mental health if left unaddressed.

Workers under 35 years old reported loneliness at a higher level (22%) than their older counterparts, who polled at 19%.

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Around 25% of remote workers reported feeling lonely compared to the 16% of on-site employees who felt the same.

Those lonely emotions—along with other negative ones, like stress, anger and worry—are only exacerbated by the commonly reported feeling that work is pointless and all-consuming.

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Overall employee well-being fell from 35% to 34% in 2023, with the decline felt most sharply among workers under 35. Well-being includes present and future self-reflection to evaluate happiness in the workplace.

Emilia, an educator from Germany who is quoted in the poll, said, “If I’m not doing well at work, I’m not doing well in life. It’s just the way it is.”

Another, mortgage advisor Stewart from the United Kingdom, said he often comes home stressed and wound up, adding, “I think, just the longer you stay in it, the more used to it you get.”

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The report suggests that managers make a difference for young workers who are struggling with loneliness or looking to leave their jobs (60%).

“A good job is a job where I have a manager who knows me, sees and values what I do, and cares about where I’m going in the future,” said Olivia, a project manager from Canada, in the report.

While managers report a more negative experience overall than nonmanagers, their engagement is paramount for the success of a workplace.

The report says a great manager helps “employees find meaning and reward in their work,” resulting in higher productivity and engagement overall.

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