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DoorDash considers banning drivers violating traffic laws


(NewsNation) — DoorDash is increasing its efforts to ensure its food delivery drivers and civilians alike are safer.

It follows a letter sent to the company – and its competitors; Uber and Grubhub – by Boston Police Commissioner, Michael Cox and Chief of Streets Jascha Franklin-Hodge in relation to drivers breaking traffic laws.

“We have witnessed widespread and ongoing incidents of running red lights, driving on city sidewalks, driving the wrong way down one-way streets, driving at speeds in excess of posted limits, and collisions,” the letter read, via Boston Globe.

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Drivers have been seen violating the law on mopeds, and motorized scooters and bicycles. The incidents extend beyond the city of Boston into other major cities, such as New York.

“We have absolutely zero tolerance for dangerous driving by anyone who uses our platform,” DoorDash said in a statement.

DoorDash has established a Law Enforcement Response Team to work directly with Boston police. Those who break traffic laws could potentially lose access to DoorDash.

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Other initiatives established include; a crack down on account sharing, greater identity verification and public safety announcement campaigns.

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